List of Sessions and Events

Opening speeches:

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

Founder and President of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation                                                        

Karmenu Vella (video)

Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission                         

Fani Tseliou

Secretary General's cabinet, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

Marco Lambertini (live-streaming)

Director General of WWF International


Key-note Speakers

KS1: Naomi McIntosh & Brad Barr. Title: “Celebrating a Decade of MMPA Collaboration: identifying a path forward”

KS2: Amalia Alberini & Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara. Title: “Striving to conserve the seas and their life in a changing world: a dialogue across generations”

KS3: Demetres Karavellas. Title: “Valuing marine mammals through the centuries: a feasible goal or a Herculean feat?”

KS4: Claudio Campagna. Title: “The mysterious language that bridges species with spaces”


Lunch Short talk

Giana Minton. Title: “The WWF Global Cetacean Initiative: Enabling WWF and partners to do more for cetaceans”


Panel Sessions

P1: Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs): Transiting from Science to Management

P2: Oil and gas exploration in key marine mammal habitats: key emerging challenges

P3: Conservation, controversy and courage in the Upper Gulf of California: fighting the vaquita vortex

P4: Beaked whale strandings: effect of underwater noise to marine mammals and the role of Protected Areas

P5: MMPAs in the Polar Regions: Habitat Identification and Protection in the Presence of Emerging Threats and Transformative Change

P6: Presentation of sessions’ key outputs


Workshop Sessions

W1: The Inspiring Story of the Monk Seal – a critical assessment for the future in view of new challenges from increasing/expanding populations

W2: Towards building a global networking mechanism of MPA managers & practitioners: Promoting ecological solidarity

W3: Mitigating the impact of shipping on cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea: Opening the dialog in search of feasible solutions

W4: The identification of new ACCOBAMS Critical Cetacean Habitats: a threat-based management approach

W5: Conflict resolution in coastal MMPAs: focus on interactions between marine mammals and small-scale fisheries

W6: Improve enforcement and compliance within MMPAs- Can new technologies support effective management?

W7: The ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI): lessons learnt and future plans

W8: Incorporating marine mammal conservation needs in MPA management plans

W9*: Co-Management: Improving the governance and management effectiveness of MMPAs by empowering and actively involving stakeholders

*For this session pre-registration is required

W10: Marine Mammals and MSP in the Context of Blue Growth

Round-table Sessions

RT1: IUCN MMPA Task Force Regional Groups First Informal Summit

RT2: Sustainable financing of MMPA: Tackling Inter-related environmental threats with a mix of strategic funding initiatives


Knowledge Cafes

KC1: Where is whale watching going in existing and future MPA?

KC2: Mini-Colloquium: The mysterious language that bridges species with spaces



Side Events

Side event 1: Supporting cetacean conservation in the Greece

Side event 2: REMMOA large scale aerial surveys organized by the French Biodiversity Agency


Video Projections

Video Projection 1: Creating a model Marine Protected Area in Gyaros, Greece (WWF Greece)

Video Projection 2: Sea of Shadows (National Geographic Documentary Films)