Main sessions that will be featured in conference agenda include:

  1. Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs): Transiting from Science to Management
  2. Vaquitas: Assessing conservation and Rescue efforts
  3. Marine mammal movement: towards a greater appreciation of movement within Marine Mammal Protected Area Networks and Place-based Conservation Planning
  4. The ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI): lessons learnt and future plans
  5. Mitigating the impact of shipping on cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea: Opening the dialog in search of feasible solutions
  6. Conflict resolution in coastal Marine Mammal Protected Areas: focus on interactions between MM and small-scale fisheries
  7. The Inspiring Story of the Monk Seal (n. 2) – a critical assessment for the future
  8. Improve enforcement and compliance within Marine Mammal Protected Areas with new technologies
  9. Linking regional MPA managers’ networks to strengthen marine mammal conservation
  10. Beaked whale strandings: effect of underwater noise to marine mammals and the role of Marine Protected Areas
  11. Oil and gas exploration in key marine mammal habitats: key emerging challenges
  12. Incorporating marine mammal conservation in Marine Spatial Planning efforts in Europe